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"New Vision really came through with significant airplay for my music and strong charting results.
I researched this carefully and found them to be the best value in the market." -- Stanton Lanier

"New Vision's radio promotion of my album was excellent. My part of the promotion was incredibly easy and the price was great. Not only did I place well in radio station reporting,
I most importantly, sold a ton of downloads from iTunes. The first thing I will do with future albums is send them to New Vision." -- Brian Crain

Why Radio:
Generating radio airplay for your new CD release has benefits essential for the success of your music, as well as your career. Radio airplay will: 1) help create a buzz about your music, 2) expose your music to thousands of new listeners, 3) sometimes boost sales or streaming of your album, and very often generate earned royalties through Performance Rights Organizations like BMI, ASCAP, as well as Sound Exchange (see FAQ), and 4) could serve as a stepping stone to eventually landing a record deal with an established label.

Why Doing-it-Yourself isn’t worth it:
There's no need to "reinvent the wheel” when you can hire an affordable promoter with all of the necessary tools already in place. Many artists prefer not to spend hundreds of hours getting together a list, find phone numbers and email addresses, contact them, and put together complete packets, etc. Yes, to do-it-yourself is time consuming and tedious and can make artists feel overwhelmed. Many artists would rather spend their time writing more music.  Meanwhiile, an experienced promoter has the best lists to send your CDs to the right people and the connections to often help get your music put at the top of the stack.

Why you should hire us over other promoters:
One downside with the large promotion companies is that they often focus on their major artists and labels, or they take on too many projects at one time. This may mean less time and attention for you. Second, many other promotion companies either don’t assemble the mail-out packets for you or they charge extra for it.  And third, our rates are very affordable -- making us a great value in this market.

Hire Us -- a Smart Choice:
We’ve seen rates within this genre over three times ours. Why is New Vision more affordable? Because we are a small company with little overhead costs, and we simply love to promote music, and we've been performing radio promotion for 14 years. We are also a smart choice because we’ll spend a lot of time with you getting to know your music, giving you the special attention you deserve. In fact, we'll never take on too many artists at one time, so you aren’t "lost in the crowd." Lastly, our staff specializes in the New Age/Instrumental genre, so we know it well. Let's recap:

Lots of individual attention.

New Age/Instrumental specialist promoters.

Free assembly of mailout packets.

Low, affordable rates.

More Benefits of our Promotion:
Simply send us 132 CDs with the shrinkwrap removed.  (130 if the album is a solo piano album)

1. Our detail-oriented staff will properly package and mail your CDs for you, including cover letters, CD stickers, etc.

2. Your music is sent to the top shows such as Cable/Satellite music channels, i.e. Sirius Radio, Hearts of Space, Echoes, more!

3. We email/call radio hosts over a 12-week period promoting your album for airplay.

4. You’ll get four progress reports showing your “adds.” You'll get quotes/feedback from some of the broadcasters.

5. Your songs will often get added to some of the top New Age internet-radio programs.

6. We’ll help you chart well on Zone Music Reporter.

7. Many of our clients become Finalists in the Zone Music Reporter Annual Music Awards.

8. Many clients may see an increase of websites pointing to their artist website, boosting its Google ranking.


Send Us Your CD Today! Getting Started

Note: Not all CDs submitted are accepted for the radio promotion offers. However, all CDs are given serious consideration by our staff.


Have 35 to 70 stations playing your songs!


Past and present clients have included several Grammy nominated artists and Emmy winning artists.  A more complete list includes Grammy-nominated artists David Lanz (3 albums), John Burke,  and Paul Avgerinos, as well as Emmy-winning artist Michael Whalen, Jami Sieber (3 albums),  Stanton Lanier (5 albums), Jeff Pearce, Lynda Cole, Joseph Akins, Unita, Grammy-nominated artist Phil Coulter, Brian Crain (2 albums), Mike Wall (2 albums),  Karen Olson (3 albums), Al Jewer & Andy Mitran (2 albums), Jill Haley,  Amy Lauren (4 albums), Greg Maroney (2 albums), Joseph Sullinger, Acoustic Ocean, Stephen Peppos, Brent LewisTomas Michaud, Kathy Raimey,  Phoenix Rising (2 albums),  Michele McLaughlin (4 albums), Christopher Caouette, Louis Landon, Marc Enfroy, Kelly Andrew (Kaveny) (3 albums), Randy Granger, Michael Logozar (2 albums), Jillian Goldin (Aversa), Billy Hale, M.K. Sol, Geoff Hall, Jon Durant, Heartistry, Steven C, Ryan Judd, Matthew Mayer, Gary Girouard, Jeremy Weinglass, Sean Christopher, Christopher Boscole (3 albums), David Clavijo, Joey Curtin, Sonic Sanctuary, Nick Farr, Martyrs of Sound, Yuya Huang (2 albums), Sonia Loinsworth, Paul Adams, Eric Harry (2 albums), Lawrence Blatt, Snatam Kaur, Girish, Tina Malia, Frank Harris, Randall Moore, Aquarius International Music, Shenachie Entertainment, Joy Records and Spirit Voyage Music, and more!
Congratulations to Stephen Peppos.  His 2019 album Deep Listen wass added to Hearts of Space and Sirius Satellite radio.
Congratulations to Ryan Judd.  His album Open Sky reached top 5 on ZMR and won Best Acoustic Instrumental Album at the 2019 ZMR Music Awards.
Congratulations to Forrest Smithson.  His album, OOTI, was added to Music Choice Soundscapes, Hearts of Space, Sirius/XM and Echoes!!  That's a grand slam, Forrest!
Congratulations to Jeff Pearce:  His album, With Evening Above, was recently rated the #1 album for averall airplay for the whole year on ZMR, and his album was added to Music Choice, Sirius/XM, Hearts of Space and Echoes! Wow, Jeff!
Congratulations to Joseph Akins (A Southern Sun album).  He received over 65 confirmed station adds and was picked up by Music Choice AND Sirius XM "Spa".  His solo piano album was one of the top-rated albums on the ZMR overall chart. 
Congratulations to Phoenix Rising.  Their 2014 second album release, Mystic Places, was added to Music Choice Soundscapes and Sirius/XM "Spa".
Congratulations to David Lanz.  His new album, Movements of the Heart, was added to both Music Choice Soundscapes and Sirius/XM "Spa!
Congratulations to Jami Sieber.  Her album, Timeless, was added to Sirius/XM, Music Choice Soundscapes, Echoes, and Hearts of Space!  Wow!
Congratulations to Mike Wall.  His album, A Time for Healing, was added to Sirius/XM, Echoes, and Music Choice Soundscapes!  He was also a Finalist for the COVR New Age Music awards.
Congralations to Unita.  Her album, Through the Veils, was added to both Sirius/XM and to Music Choice, and it was a finalist for Best Vocal Album for the 2011 ZMR Lifestyle Awards.
Congratulations to David Lanz!  His album, Liverpool, was added to both Sirius/XM and Music Choice, and was a finalist for various categories for the 2011 ZMR Lifestyle Awards.
Congratulations to M.K.Sol!  His album, The Guild/Days of Sorrow was added to both Sirius/XM and Hearts of Space!  
Congratulations to Jami Sieber.  Her album, Hidden Sky, was added to both Sirius Radio and Music Choice and was a finalist for the 2010 Lifestyle Awards.
Congratulations to Stanton Lanier. His new album, December Peace, WON Zone Music Reporter's"Best Holiday Album" for the 2010 ZMR Lifestyle Awards.

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