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Frequently Asked Questions

How many radio promotion packages do you offer?
For simplicity reasons, we offer one promotional package. This service includes promotion to around 132 radio programs for $1250. Having said this, we often tweak our list accordingly. So, if your CD is a solo piano album, an Ambient album, a World fusion album, or a Native American album, we will add and subtract a few of the contacts we service with your CD according to your specific genre.


May I submit a CDR to you or must it be a manufactured finished product?
You may submit a CDR for us to consider for promotion, but in order for us to actually perform the promotion for your CD, it needs to be a finished product CD with artwork, barcode and all. It's often okay if you have a CDR duplicator and a printer and assemble these yourselves, but they must look professional and retail ready for us to accept your album for promotion.


How much is the shipping/materials cost?
Keep in mind that postal rates recently increased considerably for these types of packages. The cost is usually around $700 for postage and materials for 132 stations. Postage and materials includes the costs of postage and bubble mailers, as well as the much smaller costs involving the photo copy charge for the cover letters and labels for the CDs and packages. Also, around 25 of the packets are sent to international programs and these are considerably more expensive to ship and recently went up to around $14 a package when shipped overseas!  Nothing is added to these costs. You are simply reimbursing costs we incur regarding handling your mail outs.   Also, the cost of shipping sometimes varies, depending upon the contents included in the packet. We'll adjust this accordingly.  Normally, the actual shipping costs are a little higher than we quote, and we absorb those costs! 


Are your lists really up to date?
Yes. In fact, we use and update the list at least once a month. We have and will continue to keep it current. When a package is returned, we find the correct address and contact person and resend the packet at no additional cost to you.


Do you email all of the radio show hosts?
Most of the show hosts, i.e. DJ's, have offered their email addresses. We use all that we have. The remainging DJ's either don’t use an email address for radio purposes or don’t give theirs out.

How do I pay?
If we accept your submission for promotion, we’ll ask you to send a check for half of the total along with the CDs. The remaining balance should be paid within the next month or so.. We can also accept Paypal for payment.  However, checks are preferred so as to avoid transaction fees, which helps keep our service affordable.

Why are your rates so affordable?
We’ve already invested our time into cleaning up our lists and nurturing our contacts. And, we are a small company with very little overhead costs. These savings are passed on to you.  Besides, we don’t like it when artists pay too much – the owner of our company is an independent recording artist, himself.


What if I can’t afford the regular $1295 promotional plan and I’d like to do a promotional plan just to the Top-100 stations?
We may consider a smaller-run promotion to around 125 stations, although the rate won’t be reduced exactly to scale. Email us or call us stating your interest in going the reduced station avenue, and if your CD title is approved, we can discuss the possibility of a smaller promotion plan.


How long does it take to get paid royalties for my radio airplay?
In case you haven't already, you'll first need to become a member of a performing rights organization that tracks radio airplay and pays royalties to the artists and the publishing companies. (Most independent artists in this genre have their own publishing company). The three leading Performance Rights Organizations are BMI, ASCAP, and SESAC. Keep in mind that payments are delayed 6 months behind their tracking, and minimums need to be reached before they’ll send out a check. We make no guarantee regarding royalty payments from your PRO. What we can tell you is that from our experience, hundreds of dollars and often thousands are eventually earned by artists in this genre for their radio airplay, assuming adds from top shows, with just one or two CD releases. Often, however, it takes several albums with considerable airplay to receive payments on the higher end of that scale.

You should also register with Sound Exchange, as well. It's a free service, and doing so will not compete with the Performance Rights Organizations, but rather, will supplement it. Check out their website for more information.


How long does it take for most New Age radio show hosts to start airing new music?
Usually, the typical New Age radio show host will review your title within the first few weeks of delivery and will air it within the first 30-45 days. Some will continue to air it for many months or even years, while others will play it a few times and move on to new music.


Assuming I get played by the any of Satellite or Digital Cable radio stations, how long does it take to see airplay from the time you submit our music to them?
These stations are usually delayed in adding new music. It makes sense because they receive a lot of music, because the major labels are vying for their airplay along with independents. Unlike typical New Age radio shows, we have found that it takes usually 6 to 8 months for music to start showing up on these Digital Cable/Satellite shows, and sometimes a year.  As important as these stations are, usually radio adds on these shows will not show up on the reports we send you because they are often delayed in adding music. However, we’ve had success getting many of our client's music on these stations.
Another advantage to these programs is that they will often keep songs in rotation a number of years, even sometimes over a decade, often resulting in continual sales.


What can I do with the feedback from DJ's and their quotes that were said about my music?
You can often use them for whatever purposes you want, such as on flyers, materials, website, etc., because they were actually said, or written in an email. We do strongly suggest that you contact the host with a courtesy call or email to make sure you have permission to use their words.


Can I assemble the promotion packets myself and send them out?
We currently do not offer self-assembly as part of our promotional package services. We have a very efficient and cost-effective system in place to handle this process. We are detail conscious on the project and want to make sure everything is included and assembled just right for the best possible results. For example, we do extra tasks like add stickers to your CDs that have information such as a list of recommended tracks, etc.

We also know for certain when all of the packets were mailed. Bottom line -- this system works best and is the smoothest way to do the job. And, it makes things easier for the artist, who only needs to send us their CDs in bulk.


What is a "Promo" CD?
The industry standard is to send radio hosts Promo CDs, (Promotional) CDs, sometimes referred to as "Demo" CDs.  A Promo CD is prepared specifically for the radio DJ.  We apply stickers as well as do a few other things to make sure the CDs are ready for listening and suited for airplay consideration.

We don’t want to send the DJ's retail CDs (with the shrinkwrap still on and a top spine sticker still on) for a variety of reasons. Most importantly, we want to make it easy for them to listen to your music and to know a few important points.


Tell me more about the FREE New Age Media list you offer -- which has publicity opportunities?
Many of the top New Age/Metaphysical/Visionary publications will accept CDs and books for their “review sections." Publications in this market with vast circulation include Massage Magazine, Awareness Magazine, Magical Blend, Nexus, Spa Magazine, Whole Life Times, and Yoga Journal, just to name a few. We'll send you this upon request after radio promotion has begun.


Reviews can often be a great way to create more buzz regarding your new release. Furthermore, they support a well-balanced promotional plan. Like radio promotion, reviews can also help support retail promotion by increasing requests by the consumer for your CD at their local New Age / Metaphysical store.

Note: While we are believers in publicity, it is important to have realistic expectations.

Where can I get marketing lists to do promotions on my own?
NewAgeDatabank.com or
New Age Marketing Lists.  For great New Age Marketing Lists of New Age Retailers, New Age Media, New Age Distributors, and New Age Email Marketing. These are great lists for marketing your New Age product, CD or book on your own.

What items exactly do I need to send to you, if we do the promotion?
Please see the Getting Started page for detailed information on this.


Is your music being heard?