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Retail Promotion
We offer Retail Promotion services only under special circumstance.  Feel free to inquire.


Note: Keep in mind that retail promotion requires that you already have distribution for your CD set up with both of the major New Age/Metaphysical distributors -- New Leaf and Music Design, etc.

We only perform promotion into the Alternative Market (the New Age stores and metaphysical shops), not the Mainstream Market, such as Barnes and Noble, Best Buy, etc. For more info about this, send us an email at kwood@austin.rr.com.

NewAgeDatabank.com For great New Age Marketing Lists of New Age Retailers, New Age media, New Age Distributors, and New Age Email Marketing. These are great lists for marketing your New Age product, CD or book on your own.

For wholesale New Age music CDs, visit http://sceniclistening.com/WholesaleMusicCDs.html

For Retail Promotion, also contact Bette at btimm@mail.vom.com.


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